In-Person Podcast Setup for Under $100

Microphone: AIKNOW 3.5mm Lavalier Microphone

In the interest of making an interview kit for under $100, we’re springing for the minimum viable product to connect with the Rode AI-Micro. Since the microphones are easily upgradable with their setup, we recommend you start with something like this mic. In full disclosure, this is the one setup I’m least familiar with, so do take this suggestion with a word of caution until I’ve been able to test it, but in theory, this mic looks good. The one test I’ve found on Amazon’s website seems to show it sounding decent for its purpose as well. 



Recorder: Rode AI-Micro

This little device is amazing. It can record up to two inputs and even manage multi-track recordings via their Rode connect software. Recordings can be done from your phone, tablet, or computer, too. All of this for $80. If you’re looking to get started small – like, super small, this is the way to go. It will also take inputs from any microphone with a 3.5mm (1/8″) input, so you can essentially connect any type of basic microphone to this device.



Podcast Gear Pricing Sheet

Brief Description
Per-Unit $
AIKNOW 3.5mm Lav Mic Lav mic that interfaces with the Rode AI-Micro 2 $7.00


Rode AI-Micro Audio Interface Audio Interface that works with any 3.5mm input. Compatible with USB-C & Lightning Ports 1 $80.00 $80.00
Total Cost

Pricing Breakdown – Under $100

Total Price: $94

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