We Make Podcast Production Easy

When you partner with HumblePod, you’re partnering with the company that makes podcast production easy.  Whether you’re just starting out and need full production support, or you have an established podcast and just need a quick, go-to solution, HumblePod has got you covered.

Quick Edit

Starting at $150

Our Quick Edit Service is designed for established podcasters who need a professionally edited episode on short notice. Whether you’re looking to increase your audio quality, decrease the amount of time you spend editing your show, or your regular editor isn’t available, we’re here to help.

With a Quick Edit from HumblePod, your show content will be fully edited, professionally mixed & mastered to industry standards, and delivered to you within 5 business days.

Podcast Launch

Starting at $2,000

For small businesses and entrepreneurs who are starting a brand-new podcast, we recommend our Podcast Launch Service. The Podcast Launch is a one-time, 6-week service that walks you through everything you need to launch your podcast.

We’ll walk you through brainstorming, market research, best practices, gear recommendations, show concept & development, and more. By the end of this launch, you will have a show concept, episode outline, custom intro and outro, professional show trailer, and your show will be launched to all major podcast streaming platforms.


Standard Production

Starting at $400/mo

You’re ready for a professional podcast, and you’ve got a great team at your company to help with marketing, but none of you have the time or experience to professionally record, edit, and produce a podcast on a regular basis.

With our Standard Production Service, all of your audio & video production needs are covered. Our production team helps you manage your show, guiding you on best practices, editing your show, and managing the upload process for you to ensure episodes are released on time, every time.

Full-Service Production

Starting at $650/mo

You’re ready for a professional podcast, but you have no support. As an entrepreneur, you see the value in creating a podcast to help you connect with other professionals in your area of expertise, develop new sales opportunities, and possibly even monetize your show down the road. But you need a plug-and-play solution.

With the Full-Service Production Package, all you have to do is record episodes and send us the files – we’ll do the rest! From professional editing to content writing, from transcription to social media promotion, our team does it all. Our Project Managers will ensure your production stays on track, and will also be available to you as a professional podcast consultant, guiding you on best practices and answering any questions you have.