Podcast Launch 

There are a lot of things to consider before you even hit the “record” button for the first time. My goal is to help you work those through those things and develop a podcast that is true to your voice and the message you want to convey. We approach this by helping you establish a strategy, develop a structure, and launch your podcast.


In this phase, we discuss what your goals and objectives are for your podcast. Once we have an understanding for what you want to accomplish, we will help you identify the best way to position your podcast in the market you’re trying to reach.




These are the bare bones of the podcast. We discuss everything from the format you want to use to theme music, to creating a skeleton episode. After we’re done with this step, you’ll have a formula you can use over and over to produce a successful podcast.



Now that you’ve established your strategy and created a structure, it’s time to launch your first episode. We will work with you on creating an initial episode to “soft launch” your podcast. This will allow us to get RSS feeds running and connected to iTunes and Google Play.  Additionally, we’ll also be providing you with an intro and outro track which you can re-use on every episode going forward. You have the option to record your own voice or have our team do the voice over for you.

Podcast Production

We provide you with input on episode direction, including advice on interviewing, technical insight on recording podcasts, as well as marketing and promotional strategies for growing your audience.


Podcast Engineering

Beyond the Podcast Launch, we support your podcast monthly by producing one episode. Engineering includes editing client provided recorded content for awkward pauses, coughs, excessive “umms,” “ahhs,” and unexpected noises. Our goal is to provide you with an end result that is as professional and free of distraction from your core content as possible.


Additional Services 

Additional Episodes

Episodes in addition to your normal monthly production schedule are available for an additional fee per episode.


Podcast Video Production

Don’t want your podcast to be audio-only? We’ll help you produce a video version of your podcast that you can post to YouTube and an audio version of your podcast that will be distributed to your selected podcasting channels. We can help with everything from a one-time video podcast to a weekly live-stream.


Promotional Voice Over Work

Do you want a voice over for your ad? If you want to record a new ad with a voice over, we’ll help you do it. This includes helping write the copy, music, and voice over.



Episode Summary

Our team will make it easy on you to get your podcast launched by writing a 2-3 sentence summary of your episode for use on iTunes and on your blog.




 Our transcription service goes beyond a basic text transcription, and includes post-transcription editing and embedded links to referenced content, further helping improve SEO by providing accurate content, keywords, and backlinks.



Show Notes

Don’t want to take notes of the podcast yourself? Our team will take notes, write them up, and post them on your behalf.