Every new podcast is an exciting new adventure, and I often tell people that launching a new podcast is very similar to launching a new business. It requires branding, positioning, creativity, and a constant desire to improve your product. Building HumblePod has been no different, and I’ve had quite a “meta” experience with this concept as I’ve helped other businesses get their start in podcasting. Since my business experience has already been so meta, I’ve decided to double down and take things one step further by creating The Humble Podcaster.

My goal with this show is to tackle the challenges that come with creating your own podcast. Everything from getting started, coming up with ideas for the show, the gear that you need, and thoughts for how to grow your show from launch through your one-millionth download and beyond.

Whether you’ve literally just found this post searching “How to Start a Podcast” or you’re an expert just wanting to make sure you’re on the right course, we are here to help you follow through on your dreams of creating your own podcast.

I hope you’ll take this journey with me. We are going to start simple with a series on how to start a podcast. From there, we’re going to dive into all facets of podcasting. As the show grows, my hope is that this will become useful, relevant content for years to come.

With that said, I’ve got two quick requests from you before you go.

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Looking forward to talking to you more on our first episode!