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Whether you’re looking to increase your podcast’s audio quality, decrease the amount of time you spend editing your show, or your regular audio editor isn’t available, we’re here to help. With a Quick Edit from HumblePod, your show content will be fully edited by our team of professional editors to industry standards in just five business days or less.

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What is a Quick Edit?

Quick Edits are designed for active podcasters that host solo, conversational, and interview-style podcasts with up to 4 speakers. This is a single-edit* service to help you keep your show on track. This service is not for narrative/scripted content, video podcasts, or first-time productions. If you’re interested in launching your first podcast, need support on a narrative/scripted podcast, or need help with a video podcast contact us here.

With your Quick Edit, you will receive:  

Content Editing

  • Editing for up to 45 minutes of recorded audio**
  • Inserting your Intro, Outro, and any additional requested audio
  • Cleaning up disfluencies (umms, ahhs, stutters, etc.)
  • Removing awkward pauses
  • Removing unwanted content (as requested)

Audio Editing

  • Reducing Background Noise
  • Reducing Echo
  • Mixing & Mastering
  • Final MP3 at 192kbps

*Revisions available for an additional fee.

**Overage will be charged per finished minute for audio over 45 minutes at $2.50 per minute. 

How much is this?

Quick Edit starts at just $150 per episode


Your episode will be professionally mixed & mastered to industry standards and delivered to you within 5 business days, with an option for a 3-day or 2-day turnaround available.

This service is available whenever you need it, and there is no commitment to a monthly service agreement.

Quick Edit

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