Here at HumblePod, we’re always looking for new ways to make podcasting easier. Over the years, we’ve done a lot to help startups and entrepreneurs streamline their podcast productions and provide a professional, world-class experience along the way. However, sometimes you don’t need a retainer-based solution to podcasting. Sometimes you just need a quick edit for your show.

So today, we’re announcing that we have a new service offering: The Quick Edit. 

If you’re a small business or solopreneur who already has an audio-based podcast and you’re looking for basic editing support, our Quick Edit service is here to help. 

The service includes: 

  • Content Editing
    • Editing for up to 45 finished minutes
    • Inserting your Intro, Outro, and any additional requested audio
    • Cleaning up disfluencies (umms, ahhs, stutters, etc.
    • Removing awkward pauses
    • Removing unwanted content (as requested)
  • Audio Cleanup
    • Reducing Background Noise
    • Reducing Echos
    • Mixing and Mastering to Industry Standards
    • Final MP3 file (192 kbps) 

All of this is provided within just 5 business days of your submission. If you need it faster, we also offer 3-day and 2-day turnarounds for the Fastest Quick Edits. 

This service is available whenever you need it, and there is no commitment to a monthly service agreement. 

This service will officially launch on Monday, August 7th.